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9 May

So, we all knew that lowering our stress-levels made us live longer. And most of us love having sex (though I’m not sure that you LOVE it as much as I do.) Most of us also knew that women live longer than men because women just rock. Clearly. But did you know that having sex at least twice a week makes us live longer? 

The new part that surprised me, will surprise you, and brought up a whole heck of a lot of questions? Study says polygamous men live longer. Is it true for polyamorous, unmarried men, too? What about “monogamous” married, cheating jerks? And what about the polygamous and polyamorous women? Cheaters and non-cheaters? Does this statistic include poly-kinksters and kinksterettes? Swingers?

What do y’all think? 

Thoughts? Reactions? Responses? Resources?