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Evolved’s Spice: Spicier & Kinkier Than I Imagined!

15 May

Evolved’s Spice: Spicier & Kinkier Than I Imagined!

9 May


Word of the Week: Erotic ”Erotic. Let the word be crafted by your tongue and flow from your mouth, tumbling across your lips. Let it trickle down your chest and pool between your legs, nothing more than a word. Erotic”

Ergonomic G-Spotting? Not Here, I’m Afraid.

7 May

Ergonomic G-Spotting? Not Here, I’m Afraid.

This Sexy Spade Stole My Heart!

7 May

This Sexy Spade Stole My Heart!

Make a Wish on the Wish-Bone!

3 May

Make a Wish on the Wish-Bone!

Get Your Party On!

19 Apr

Get Your Party On!

Let’s Do the Twist, Baby!

14 Apr

Let’s Do the Twist, Baby!

Teneo Uno: To Have & To Hold

9 Apr

Teneo Uno: To Have & To Hold

Passion Candle: Heat Up Your Love-Life!

8 Apr

Passion Candle: Heat Up Your Love-Life!

The Siena Concerto: A Girl’s Best Friend

13 Jul

The Siena Concerto: A Girl’s Best Friend