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Pure, Unadulterated Desire.

18 May

Your ropes snake and coil against my skin. You are dragging them over my burning flesh ever so slowly, waking me up with their texture, letting me know what will soon encircle me and hold me emphatically to your will.

My nipples perk up immediately, hardening into delicious pebbles as your fingers lightly brush across their sensitive tips. A wicked smile comes to your lips and I yearn to taste it upon your lips.

Your movements are slow and deliberate, and I know I must be patient if I am to be granted release at any point in the evening. You take your time and continue to teach me how to come present and enjoy both that which is happening and that which will come to pass with the utmost fullness.

My cunt is dripping wetness out of my silken folds and onto my inner thighs. My hips want to buck, but I know I must be a good girl and that the time for motion will come after the time for stillness.

There is an exquisite magic in the air, and our exchange feels as a sacred ritual. You have all of me—body, mind and soul—already, and things are just beginning.

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Fireflies and the Moon.

12 May

And he said he’d be the second sun, if that’s what it takes to love me. For me to feel loved. 

“Why would I waste my time with little fireflies, when you’re the fucking moon in the sky?” he said. 

It was then that I lost my words.

9 May


Word of the Week: Erotic ”Erotic. Let the word be crafted by your tongue and flow from your mouth, tumbling across your lips. Let it trickle down your chest and pool between your legs, nothing more than a word. Erotic”

“Mio Bello Bello Amore” by Cirque du Soleil from their Zumanity show. Heavenly.

8 May