Meet the Sexperts

About Bombshells & Rockstars:

Hi y’all, I’m Mistress Bella, your friendly and sexy tour-guide around these parts. I started Bombshells & Rockstars because I’m uber-passionate about human sexuality education in multiple forms and forums. I’m a pansexual sensate aesthete who is all about making sex-positive safety and resource information accessible. I strive to create personal relationships between educators and audiences so that we can truly make a difference in the work that we do.

The Sublime captivates me, and I strive to stretch toward it and caress it with every fiber of my being each day that I’m alive. I believe that, “Pleasure is a feeling of being overwhelmed, of being taken past our limits,” and that if everyone showed up with their own Orgasm, we wouldn’t spend so much time destroying the world. I’m a true believer that to find your Bliss is to touch Goddess, G-d, while to help someone else find Bliss is to spread Peace.

I like sex. In fact, I LOVE it. But it would, perhaps, be more honest to say that I love exploring sexuality. And teaching about it. In all different ways. And definitely with a healthy dose of ever-changing toys. Let’s live life at volume ten, because we are, afterall, here to get off hard. Every time.

More about me? I’m just your average, everyday sex-positive, sex-toy obsessed gal, soaking up the good vibes of life and sharing them for your viewing pleasure. (Oh my!)

Stick with me through my sex toy reviews, ramblings, informative articles, advice columns & resources and I can guarantee a hot, steamy (often funny) and altogether awesomely-swell time!

And, YES! I do enjoy anthropomorphizing my sex toys. Get it? Got it? GOOD.

*Remember: Voyeurism is participation! Though, I definitely adore comment-luv, too. Just sayin’…

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~*

Please allow me to introduce my fabulous, flirty, g.d. sexy, and altogether awesome contributors and fellow sexperts (*ahem*), I mean, BOMBSHELLS & ROCKSTARS. I couldn’t do what I do without them. They keep me on my toes, and help me get amazing articles and reviews up for your viewing pleasure.

Blissfully yours,
Mistress Bella

Without further ado, meet the Bombshells & Rockstars, lovelies.

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