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OhMiBod’s Naughtibod = OhMiGod.

16 May

OhMiBod’s Naughtibod = OhMiGod.

Evolved’s Spice: Spicier & Kinkier Than I Imagined!

15 May

Evolved’s Spice: Spicier & Kinkier Than I Imagined!


13 May


Check this out. All proceeds support charity. And check out The Joyful Heart Foundation while you’re at it. They’re fuckin’ amazing. Seriously.

A Must-Read: Review Nazis!

13 May

A Must-Read: Review Nazis!

AWESOME-sauce must-read about the writing (& reading & critiquing) of sex toy reviews a la CarrieAnn @ A View from the Floor: Life, love, sex, reviews, bdsm, dirty dishes.

P.s. Why do the best damn rants / articles / ideas / etc. always come to us all in the bathtub?

10 May

A website by and for the sexually-open. Adults only!

Ergonomic G-Spotting? Not Here, I’m Afraid.

7 May

Ergonomic G-Spotting? Not Here, I’m Afraid.

This Sexy Spade Stole My Heart!

7 May

This Sexy Spade Stole My Heart!

Make a Wish on the Wish-Bone!

3 May

Make a Wish on the Wish-Bone!

Get Your Party On!

19 Apr

Get Your Party On!

Let’s Do the Twist, Baby!

14 Apr

Let’s Do the Twist, Baby!