What’s Your Music Kink?

18 May

Okay people, gimme your secret happy songs! I know you have them. We all do. What are the songs that you dance to in your underwear? The ones that bring a smile to your lips, and a song to your soul. The ones that make you bust out the air-guitar with only socks on.

The ones that give you an incredible high that rivals only subspace or domspace. The ones that propel you flying past subspace or domspace. The songs that get you there time and again. The songs that get you off. The songs that satisfy you aurally, and then some. Yes, those songs.

What are they? I want to know. What’s your music kink? What gets you off, hard, every time?!

List ’em here. Sexy songs. Sensual songs. Songs that make you do a happy dance. Songs that make you come. Songs that open your heart. Songs that uplift your spirit. Songs that unchain your soul. Fuck-me songs. Yes, it-was-that-good songs. Songs that make you feel on top of the world. Songs that transform a rainy day into a bright, sunny one. Addictive songs. Songs that give you a high.

What’s your music kink?


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